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Facebook ads manager

Next gen Facebook marketing automation


With our Facebook ads manager you can create multiple campaigns in a single flow, Optimize your spend and Monitor multiple metrics seamlessly using the below features

Split facebook campaigns

Split Campaigns

Save time by creating multiple campaigns in a single flow by splitting campaigns based on different targeting options like age, gender, demographics etc.

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Group facebook campaigns

Campaign Groups

Group campaigns to track combined performance of all the important metrics. Add another level of categorization for handling campaigns for multiple accounts.

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Schedule facebook campaign

Schedule Campaigns

Set desired time for your Campaigns to start or stop on daily or weekly basis.Time your campaigns to show your Adverts at the right time and to the right audience to get outstanding results.

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Automate facebook campaigns with rules


Automatically pause or run campaigns based on set performance Rules. Save hundreds of Ad dollars by stopping low performing campaigns automatically.

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Set goals for facebook campaign


Create Goals to measure the performance of key metrics on an on-going basis at Campaign, AdSet or Ads Level which can be scheduled on a Daily, Weekly or Monthly basis.

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Get notified about facebook campaign


Get an email every time your desired Alert is triggered and take valuable action on your Account, Campaign Groups, Campaigns, AdSets or Ads based on them.

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